When women’s gowns for the wedding are purchased and it seems the time to relax and receive greetings for being engaged has finally come, stop for a second and think about another important detail – the morning of your most important day when you are going to need wedding attire.

Why is a Wedding Robe so Important For a Woman

Your life is just about to change drastically making you the happiest woman on Earth. You have already chosen the best dress and arranged the party and the ceremony. High time to relax and think about yourself and create a festive mood by selecting your morning look.

It is best to start the morning with your stylist, girlfriend, or mom enjoying a glass of champagne, girl talk and fun during makeup to set a good mood for the day. This is achieved by having a beautiful robe, but also stylish underwear and clothing.

Types of robes for a bride and bridesmaids:

Silk: tender and glowing in the sun's rays, it will make you feel like a queen.

Lace: sexy and a bit erotic, it sets a playful mood for the day ahead.

See-through: this robe is great not just in the morning, but also in the evening when you’re alone with your husband.

Women’s wedding robes may come in different lengths – short or long, covering hips and legs.

If you’re not into robes, check out a women’s silk kimono. It will look really unusual in the US, especially if you plan a Japanese-style wedding.

Take a particularly close look at the color. Think carefully whether you want to be an angel wearing white, or a seductive woman in sophisticated black.

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