For those of us who are just finding our femininity, it can be daunting crossing into the world of prestige lingerie for the first time. It’s a whole new world of sensual fabrics, luscious cuts, and decadent sensation.

   The first thing to be aware of what you want from a garment. To what sort of dream to you aspire? Do you want the playfulness of ruffles and lace, cheeky pinks, and bright colors? Perhaps you seek more of the old Hollywood glamour, with shining silks and satins providing long dramatic lines for sweeping theatrical entrances and sultry assignations.

   Take your time to browse, and to imagine. There is no barrier to a perfect fit.  All KÂfemme garments are tailored specifically for each purchase. With thoughtful measurement, you can have a treasure that caresses the skin instead of pulling tight, that flows instead of pinches, and that creates movement and grace with every gesture. We suggest that you include measurements at the widest point of the arm in addition to the standard chest, waist, and natural hip combination. The broadest point is often where the most discomfort develops, and it’s simple to avoid. If your shoulders are broader than your chest, that measurement is best to include. Height is also important. Taller bodies in long gowns create magnificent and elegant silhouettes, Including your height will help us do proper justice to both the gown and the wearer. If you wish to wear high heeled shoes with your garment, measure with the shoe on to achieve an ideal length.

   Here at KÂfemme we believe that every body is perfect, and everyone has the right to feel beautiful. Our garments are made to measure, meaning no matter your shape or gender our craftspeople will create something that flatters and makes you feel as gorgeous and wonderful as you truly are. We embrace our trans sisters and our kin who defy the restrictions of gender to live their visions of beauty and style. Our gowns are designed to flatter. Almost every KÂfemme design will create a beautiful waistline, and each gown has something magical to offer. Many, like the Elvyra line, have wide generous sleeves that turn mundane gestures into delicate ballet. The soft abundance of the Angelica series provides a gentle embrace that leaves one feeling treasured and precious. Midnight Magnolia is seductive, Crema is tender and elegant, and Candy is joyous and just a little cheeky. All are made to our exacting standards of sophistication and style.

There is space with KÂfemme to find your own way of expressing your own feminine side, no matter who you are. Here, you are welcomed.

Anna Azarisu
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