The party is over. The cake has been cut. The vows have been said, the rice has been thrown, and now there is quiet. Finally, you are alone. Newlywed. Together.

   Planning a wedding requires substantial work and organization. Even a modest wedding calls for quite a lot of effort. And a wedding, ultimately, is as much for the guests as it is for the happy couple. Family and friends are there to share your union and the happiness that bond will bring. Caterers, hosts, celebrants, and priests. Even an elopement requires the intervention of government officials and their paperwork.

The wedding night, and the morning after, however, are yours.
 Those moments after the wedding, when the guests have gone, become sacred. They are special, just between the newly married couple. They belong exclusively to them, and to no-one else. It becomes a slow celebration, the soft acknowledgment that at last, they are together. Joined, and let no one tear them apart.

So how to turn this into something magical?  For many newlyweds, that first night after the wedding is not the first time they have spent the night together. More, it becomes a testament to the care and devotion to a long relationship needs. It can be hard to capture the magic and mystery of early nights, especially after a long ceremony.

Prepare ahead. Weddings can be tiring. Often, a trustworthy Best Man or Maid of Honour is the best person to prepare a wedding suite for the new couple. It takes the pressure off the newlyweds and allows them to just enjoy their evening together.

Set the mood. Safe, gentle lighting like electric candles provide gentle mood lighting. Often wedding feasts go late into the night, so small delicacies like a cheese board or spread of seasonal fruits with cream or chocolate offer a light meal that the newlyweds can partake of at their leisure. A last bottle of champagne or good wine is a must.  Music is important, too. We love Sade here at KÂfemme, but music that is special to the couple will help draw forth their passions.

Inflame the senses. Incense, carefully burned, is rich and heady. Silky massage oil or body cream in a fragrance special to the couple invites touch. Rose or jasmine scents are feminine and delicate. Sandalwood and vetiver are more powerful, smoky, and masculine. Flowers from the wedding venue are also a simple way to bring fragrance to the bedroom, in a way that ties into the ceremony itself.

Get ready. Laying out nightwear before the couple retires to their room is a thoughtful final gesture. Wedding clothes are stiff and formal. A wedding gown is ostentatious and dramatic. If you marry in a suit it is more comfortable, to a degree, but it still lacks a certain sensual something. It’s good to have something romantic to slip into after the wedding, before bed.

   For new brides, we suggest something soft and luxurious to slip into after the guests have gone. After corsets, crinolines, and petticoats, the latest bridal satin slip is a welcome delight. The Dreamer Robe and Nightgown Set are perfect for wedding nights. Soft blush pink satin is sensual and feminine, with a cascading chiffon robe that is playful and sure to inspire. The Elvyra Nightgown in Pale Pink is likewise inspiring, in soft silk satin blend and lace. If the happy couple is more traditionally minded, the Yasmine Peignoir in White color is also perfect for first nights, with soft sheer chiffon that is alluring while maintaining a touch of mystery. Sabina Peignoir in White is also an excellent choice, with pure bridal white chiffon and French lace.

   While whites, creams, and soft blush pinks are traditional for new brides, the unbridled passion of Chantelle Lace Robe in Red is a novel and exciting option, a mix of complex lace and sleek lines. The Sunrise in Monaco Nightgown is an elegant option, in open ivory and champagne lace, refined and just a little daring.

No matter how long you have been together, a wedding night is special, even if all you do is curl up together to sleep, wrapped in silk and satin. Joined together, at last.

Anna Azarisu
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