The greatest gift a gentleman can give his paramour is confidence. When you love someone, often you see their best, in ways they themselves may miss. Their elegance and grace will shine for you, and a thoughtful gift that frames that beauty can show them how truly special they are. Knowing oneself to be treasured can empower, gifting confidence. At KÂfemme, we believe that everybody deserves a chance to shine….

   It can be daunting buying lingerie for someone else for the first time. There’s so much to choose from, in so many colors and different styles. A richly decorated pagan robe is a different garment than the latest silk satin bridal slip. How to choose? And how does one ensure the best fit? What is the best approach to take for a perfect gift?

Bouquet of Flower

 First, it’s important to understand your beloved’s sense of style. Giving lingerie that flatters her sense of self and makes her feel understood is just as important as flattering her body. Think about her personality – is she deliberate and thoughtful, or is she spontaneous and more playful? For some, sensuality reigns, and for others making a statement takes precedent. The soft abundant folds of the Belle in Love kimonos make them some of the most comfortable, sensual robes one can possess. Meanwhile, the contrast between bright silks and dramatic arcs of lace on the Elvyra gowns bring a powerful sense of theatre to the bedroom.

   You can find other secrets by looking at the clothing and lingerie she chooses for herself. A woman who wears carefully tailored dresses with crisp, clean lines would be charmed by the simplicity of the Kami Set or the Colour Pop Kimono. Crisp, simple lines in rich silk that provide decadence and a sleek silhouette are ideal for a woman whose wardrobe is full of timeless classics. Likewise, a woman who loves floral print sundresses with oodles of ruffles and lace is more suited to the playful Candy Kimono. Their joyful designs and bright light fabric appeal to women with an innocent, lighthearted soul.

   Next, you must consider what you want to tell her. Do you want to reveal your desires? Perhaps you want to show her tenderness and care. Scarlet always signals passion. The Chantelle Lace Robe is deeply seductive, sensual on the skin with delicate lace highlights. It shows deep sexual attraction. The pure white lace of the Lumina Lace Gown on the other hand is reverent and worshipful, perfect for proposals and wedding nights, and the gentle neutral tones and pure silk of the Cami Kimono speak of tender, reverent care. Each garment in our collection has a story to tell.

   Finally, selecting the right size is of the utmost importance. The most direct way to do this is to simply ask – but that ruins the surprise. The most accurate way to get a good fit in secret is to again check the clothes that she already owns and loves. Sneaking into closets is one way to do this, but offering to tend to her laundry or take her clothes to the dry cleaner becomes a gift of service. This will give you some privacy to find the measurements to select for another perfect gift, and will also show her you care enough to take care of her needs.

   Most clothing will have a tag that has TO FIT printed on it, with a measurement in centemeters for bust, waist, or hip. Take note of these. At KÂfemme we use your measurements to provide the best in custom-tailoring. At the point of order, simply tell us these measurements are for a gift item, and we will be sure to thoughtfully ensure your garment meets your needs.

   With care and a bit of cleverness, it’s possible to find any women silk satin robe to fit their tastes. In the end, it’s the thought that counts. A well selected KÂfemme gown or robe certainly shows that you’re thinking of them, in the highest regard.

Anna Azarisu
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