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Contrary to the popular belief, the kimono robe did not first appear in Japan, but in China. Japanese liked the traditional Chinese outfit called hanfu so much that they decided to alter it and create what we know and love today as a classic sophisticated kimono.

Women’s Kimono Robe: Peculiarities and Benefits

Today, kimonos are worn not just in Japan but also far beyond its borders. This outfit has become a popular fashion symbol on par with Chanel’s little black dress. Even Hollywood stars couldn’t resist wearing this garment.  Specifically, such celebrities as Katherine Heigl, Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus, Tyra Banks, and Selena Gomez are huge fans of kimonos.

Contemporary kimonos come in the following types:

Kuratomesode: a traditional garment for married women with short sleeves and patterns just below a waistline.

Komon: a casual outfit densely covered with patterns, which can be worn outside.

Furisode: long satin kimono with sleeves, which is decorated with patterns.

Iromudzi: single-colored outfit without any patterns, worn exclusively for tea ceremonies.

Irotomesode: single-colored outfit worn by married women to weddings or significant events.

Yukata: everyday, light kimono, which comes in a plain two-colored style.

Homongi: kimono worn for visits with patterns on the sleeves and the hem.

Tsukesage: one of the less formal types of homongi with smaller patterns.

Kimonos may be short, knee-length and long, fully covering the legs. This garment is traditionally made of silk, but everyday kimonos can be made of cotton, flax, hemp, etc.

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