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Kimono robe is an eternal timeless classic, which is always in trend. Since it was created back in the Heian period, men’s kimono has not lost its relevance and acquired the status of a popular home outfit instead.

Kimono Robe in USA: Eternal Classics

Contemporary men care about their appearance just as much as women do, as a nice and stylish look is important even at home. You do it not just for yourself, but also for your partner, who will definitely like you wearing a sophisticated silk kimono like a true samurai rather than a bathrobe. When dressed like this and not in a usual tracksuit, you will feel more self-confident and get more energy that you can use to conquer the entire world!

Today, kimonos come in numerous types, such as traditional ones that may be worn for Japanese ceremonies or the ones looking like a home robe with wide sleeves and a long belt.

Tips for selecting a good kimono:

1.Take a close look at the item’s length. Long kimonos are great for cold seasons or when you want to hide some body imperfections and look visually taller.
2.The color matters. Fair-skinned people should opt for dark kimonos, while those with darker complexion will find that golden or grey colors suit them best.
3.Pay particular attention to the items coming with your kimono. This may be just a kimono alone or a set with pants or shorts, which may serve as a great solution instead of the usual pajamas.

Men’s kimonos come in various lengths, usually ranging from midi (to the knees) to maxi (to the ankles). Depending on the manner, purpose and timing when the clothing will be worn, the fabric may vary. Classic kimono is made of natural silk or its closest substitutes appropriate for the summer.  A flex option is a good choice for the hot season too. For the fall and winter, it’s better to look for something made of natural cotton or velvet.

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