All KÂfemme garments are made to order. This allows us to flatter every form, without compromise. To do this we need a few key measurements. These give us the best start at creating a garment that is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

   You will need to measure your chest, hips, waist, and height. You will need a flat dressmaking tape. Remember, these are just numbers to guide our tailors. They do not reflect on your beauty or your worth. Our only judgment will be to your good taste for choosing KÂfemme.

   To measure your chest, stand and proud. Should you desire to wear a specific support garment under your KÂfemme lingerie, put it on before measuring. This will give you a more tailored fit than measuring without support. Loop the tape around your chest at the widest point and draw the tape around your body. Breathe naturally for a few moments to ensure the tape is not too tight. It should be firm but not uncomfortable and rest at the widest part of your chest. For some, the widest point will be across the breast, but for others, this may be along the shoulders. Choose the widest point for your own body. Line the end of the tape up squarely and record the number. Measurement in centimeters will be most accurate.

   To measure your waist, repeat the process but place the tape at the narrowest part of your natural waist. Again, it should be firm but comfortable and allow a little movement. Take a moment to breathe and relax your body. Resist the temptation to pull in your stomach, as this will result in a waist measurement that is too small. Line up the end of the tape and record the number.

   To measure your hips, again stand proud and straight and loop the tape around the widest part of your hips. Draw the tape tight. Be gentle but firm, and record the measurement.

   For longer garments, like our gowns and long kimonos, a measurement of for the length of the gown is advised. Using your tape, measure your body along your spine from the base of your neck to the point at which the gown would end. If you plan to wear high heeled shoes, wear them while taking this measurement. You may need an assistant for the most accurate measurement. If an assistant is unavailable, stand flat against a wall and use a piece of chalk or water-soluble marker to mark your shoulder height on the wall. This will give you an approximate height you can measure with your tape. Be careful to keep your mark level with your shoulder.

   We enjoy customising garments for all body types. We design for everyone, no matter your gender, weight or shape. If you have been left behind by other designers we can tailor your garment especially for you. For example, if your arms are wide, measure them at the broadest point, the same way as you would measure your waist, and we will ensure you are given the graceful, elegant sleeves you deserve. If you have experienced a mastectomy or amputation we can accommodate and deliver a sophisticated garment that suits your needs.

Anna Azarisu
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