Frequently Asked Questions

Where is KÂfemme located?

 KÂfemme’s creative studio can be found in beautiful Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.

Where do you ship from?

 All orders are shipped directly from the studio in Vilnius.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship worldwide.

How long will I wait for my delivery?

Standard shipping is very dependent on local delivery services. While we do our best to ensure prompt delivery, it is out of our hands. For a precise delivery estimate, we suggest you upgrade to Express Shipping.

So how does Express Shipping work?

 Express Shipping is calculated using the weight of the purchase and the destination country. We will happily provide a quote at the point of purchase.

 How long does it take to make my order?

 Our orders take somewhere between 3 to 7 days to be processed. We handcraft to measure, so our processing time varies depending on style and fabric. The processing time may be different for orders with special customization, but we’re happy to give you a time estimate when you place your order.

What size should I pick?

 Our sizing guide can be found here.

How do I measure myself?

Our guide to taking the most accurate measurement can be found here. Good measurements will ensure the most luxurious fit. 

What measurements do you need?

Please provide us with the following measurements:

  • Chest

  • Waist

  • Hips

  • Height

 We are flexible and attentive. Hemlines can be customized, and we love to tailor for customers left behind by other brands. If you have concerns about the fit on any body part (muscular arms or broad thighs, for example) simply include a measurement for them too. We’ll make sure your purchase fits.

Can you customize the item for me?

We are delighted to create customize garments for any body. Outline what you need on your order and we will ensure your garment is best for you.

Can you make the item I like in a different color?

   Sometimes, we can, depending on the availability of fabric. In some cases, we will order materials in a certain color especially for you. This may cause a longer processing time, but we will be sure to give you an estimated processing time when you order.

Can you change the color of lace on the item I like? 

   Sometimes, we can alter the color of the lace on your garment, depending on the availability of the material. We can order new lace especially for you. This does tend to result in longer processing time, but we will make sure you know your processing time at the point of ordering.

 How long are your garments? (I am very short/tall/big/small)

  Garment length depends a lot on the style. Some are thigh-high, others ankle length and a few decadent gowns feature floor-length hems or long trains. We tailor to height, so if you desire a longer or shorter robe be sure to mention that at the point of ordering.

Can you make the item I like in pure silk?

Pure silk is our favorite luxury and we love to share it. Please message us to arrange and order.


 How do I take care of these beautiful fabrics?

   You can find care guidelines for our 100% pure silk garments here. Care guidelines for our signature Eco Silk, chiffon, and silk blends can be found here. 

Can you gift wrap my purchase?

 We pride ourselves on the elegance of every part of our process. All KÂfemme garments are gift packages as a matter of course. For special arrangements at an additional cost, feel free to contact us.

 Can you leave a special message in the box? 

  There is no additional cost for a special message placed inside our packaging. Contact us here to arrange your note.

Do you have discounts for regular customers?

We reward repeat customers with a 15% discount after their third purchase.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

 We wholesale by agreement. Contact us for more information.

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